Friday, 11 November 2011

The Syndrome of Love

syndrom cinta

The Syndrome of Love / The Love’s Syndrome.

Creater: God

Founder: Human being (animals also included)

Discovered during the existence of the first human ever in the Earth.

When: undefined

How: undefined

Cause, sign and symptoms: as shown in the picture

As human being, it is normal for us to have this syndrome even once in our whole lifetime. There are a lot of philosophies regarding this feeling. However, there are advantages and disadvantages that someone needs to face. The bad one can be really bad.

But, the greatest challenge is how you manage to cope with all the sign and symptoms of this syndrome. It is only a few examples that usually happened. But I know, personally, there are lots more that we need to face.

It is like a bully to our soul. For a long time we may feel hopeless and useless.
However, we cannot avoid it. It comes to us without any special invitations.

So guys, be prepare to face it !!!

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